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Ello poeples !

just letting you know that i've uploaded my PlastiQ Aero 2 theme for windows 7 :)
So make sure you check out my gallery!
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ello everybody!

just to let you know that im in the testing stages of PlastiQ Aero (still a few things to sort out... and the taskbar wont change from standard aero for some reason.) So it will be out in just a couple of days after its all sorted out :D
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Just Finished a few final touches on a Flurry icon template.
Now to release it or not ?
Should i post it for everyone to use (and maybe risk having 100s of crappy flurry icons flood the net)? Make it a request only type of thing ? or be selfish and keep it to myself and only release icons i make?

Let me know what you think !

(also full credit goes to David Lanham and Iconfactoy for the flurry design)
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Just downloaded CandyBar for my new iMac...  and OMG! why did i never find anything like this for windows !!!   its so nice and easy :D